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MAMMOTHTRAILS.ORG offers a wide variety of suggestions for Experiences on The Mammoth Lakes Trail System (MLTS) to lead you on pre-planned single or multiple-activity adventures. Many of these Experiences have been submitted by local trail users. From Hiking to Crystal Lake, to Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding the Tele Bowl, to Mountain Biking the Knolls Loop, you can choose a half-day or full-day adventure developed by local experts, guides, user groups, non-profits and businesses. Go to any one of the specific Activity pages (biking, hiking, climbing etc…) to check out the current set of Experiences listed there.

An Experience is a specific activity combined with a specific trail or element of the MLTS infrastructure. To be included on the website the Experience has to take place on the facilities of the MLTS and the activity must be legal as defined by the Town of Mammoth Lakes and the United States Forest Service.

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If you are interested in sharing an  Experience email the MLTS Webmaster and you'll receive the “MAMMOTHTRAILS.ORG Experience Interview Worksheet”.  Be prepared to commit a couple of hours to working on the development process with the MLTS Website Team. Once the Experience has been fully developed, it will be posted to the MLTS Website and your name will be added to this web page!

Mammoth Lakes Trail System Website Experience Contributors 

Bristlecone Chapter of the California Native Plant Society
Chris Leonard
Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra Audubon
Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association (ESIA)
Eastern Sierra Nordic Ski Association (ESNA)
Eastside Velo
Footloose Sports
Friends of the Inyo
High Sierra Equestrian Club
High Sierra Rider
High Sierra Triathlon Club
Jim Barnes
Mammoth Lakes Snowmobile Association
Mammoth Lakes Sunrise Rotary
Mammoth Lakes Tourism
MLTPA Foundation
Mono County Chronic Disease Prevention Coalition
Sierra Club Range of Light Group
Town of Mammoth Lakes Recreation Department
Wave Rave
Westin Monache Resort


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